[BETA-TESTER] Defining Databases

Ok, what is a web app without a database...to hack?

In Hack.me you can define as many databases as you want.

Just answer yes when you want to have Database support. Oh, btw, if you are just planning not to use this feature you can click Next and skip this step.

1. Yes! You want to use a database


2. Add a new database

When you decide to use a Database you will need to first specify a name for it. You can do that by clicking Add


Yes, you can select different DBMS's, as soon as we implement our sandobxing fu on it. For now please love MySQL.


Please click on Import Data if you want to submit an .sql file through our editor. BTW we are working to allow you to create your database froma  a handy interface.

In the meantime please follow the next steps.

3. Import data into the database


At this point you are ready to copy and paste your handy SQL file in the editor:


Please do NOT insert CREATE DATABASE statement here. We have already created the database for you!

4. Define Database credentials and permissions

How does your application connect to the database?

Through the credentials you set up here:


So you first add a new username and password pair (1). Then you define the permissions that each database user has to each database (2) through (3).

When you click on (3) you will be able to grant SELECT, INSERT, DELETE or ALL


That's it!

You have your databases. 

You will have to use the credentials set up above to connect your web app to your database(s).

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