[BETA-TESTER] How to create your first Hackme

Creating a new hackme is a matter of seconds.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Enter the Developers area

An Hackme can be in different states: 
  • "In progress" - You are creating it. Maybe you left for a sleep. You can come back later and continue your development.
    No one can see your Hackme because it has not been published yet.

  • "Completed" - When you are happy with your code you can Publish your Hackme. This is when an Hackme becomes Completed.
    No worries: You will still be able to improve/modify it later.
The Developers area is where you will create new Hackmes and manage your Completed or Pending ones.
It's a dashboard where you are in control of everything related to Hack.me


2. Click on "Create a new Hackme"

When you click on "Create a new Hackme" you can provide general information regarding your Hackme.
The name of the Hackme is important and must be unique on Hack.me. Please make it descriptive.


  • Joomla 1.5 CSRF POC is OK 
  • Joomla 1.5 is NOT OK


When you click on Create, your Hackme will be created empty, ready to be configured.

You will notice that two new items will appear on the page:

  • A right arrow - To continue the creation process
  • A visibility panel - To define the visbility level of you Hackme

The visibility levels available are:
  • Only me - Only you can see this Hackme. In case you don't want to share the app but want to access it through a permalink or a hack.me shortlink anyway
  • Public - If you want to share it with the world (please). It will be searchable, re-sharable, twittable, facebook-able, lovable, basically all-able

The right arrow will take you to the next page where you can start configuring the Hack.me...like adding your own code and defining your own database.

Ready to rock? Click the Arrow!

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